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On the run – works about running, runners and by running, Gallery Pirkko-Liisa Topelius 2008

Running is simple. Put on your running shoes and start running. Identical running steps one after another and kilometres after kilometres.
Howewer, when you start trying longer runs or more speed things are getting more complicated. On a good day, nothing is easier than running and
on a bad day the next turn on the road seem to be too far away – and still you run there and further. This combination of easy and difficult makes running interesting object for observation.
The Marathon is often the central topic when running is concerned –this time too, but there are also other points of view to running and runners.

I have been running since early 2000’s and I’m still a novice with one marathon.

On the run –exhibition is part of my doctoral studies in University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

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